Member Benefits Information

OACCS is the only association dedicated exclusively to advancing
the interests of nearly 300 career colleges and schools
in Ohio. Ohio’s career colleges and schools graduate nearly
70,000 students a year in more than 200 occupational fields.
Our students represent about 40 percent of all graduates in the
state who earn an associate’s degree. For that reason, career
colleges play a key role in the state’s education vision. All
member schools are licensed by the State of Ohio, through the
State Board of Career Colleges and Schools.

OACCS is the collective voice speaking out on
legislative and regulatory issues that matter to you.

  • Direct contact with state licensing boards, accrediting commissions, and state and regional professional agencies                                                   
  • Providing up-to-the-minute information to the Ohio General Assembly, Ohio Board of Regents, U.S. Dept. of Education,and Ohio employers                    
  • Retained lobbyist to expand our access to Ohio policy makers                                                                                                   
  • Washington, D.C. representation through OACCS’ affiliationwith Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities

Professional development
OACCS professional development programs
expose you to best practices and build skills.

  • Members enjoy significant program fee discounts atconferences, workshop and seminars for administrators,faculty, admissions representatives, and placement specialists
  • Valuable networking events to raise your profile and make connections
  • Free tutorial, online webinars, professionally presented by leading educational publishers
  • Self-paced online training courses, granting CEUs

Outreach programs promoting career education
OACCS protects and promotes the success of all
proprietary colleges and schools in Ohio.

  • Legislative Scholarship Program for more than 300 high school graduates
  • Outreach on your behalf to high school guidance counselors
  • Commissioned research studies on the contributions of career colleges and schools to Ohio’s workforce
  • Media outreach to tell Ohioans about your contributions to
    an educated workforce


To receive more information and a fee schedule contact Kent A. Trofholz, Executive Director, 614-487-8180 or