OCOG Crisis Again

To: OACCS Degree Granting Colleges

Are you aware that the proposed Budget Bill HB 59 as written calls for a decrease in OCOG funds for Career College students of approximately $200 per year?

Did you know that in HB 59 OCOG eligible students at publicly funded universities will receive approximately a $200 per year increase?

Is it fair that eligible students that attend not-for –profit colleges will receive an estimated $1700 annually in OCOG fund?

You and your staff need to act now!

We are suggesting you take 15 minutes and do 4 things.

1.  Review the attached Talking Points and select 2 or 3 that you are willing to use.

2.  Contact by letter, e-mail or phone the elected State Representative that represents your college location and your home address. This link will give you their names and contact information.

3.  In addition, contact the following Representatives who represent the leadership and decision makers in the House. They need to know your concerns.

4.  Let us know who you contacted and how (copies of e-mails or letters) so that our lobbyists can do a follow up.  Click here for a complete list of the Ohio House Leadership.

We need to make an impact so that our students are treated fairly.