An initiative of Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools




All sectors of higher education are blamed for the accumulated student IOUs exceeding what Americans owe on credit cards. Yet career colleges and schools often received the most scrutiny.  

 The student debt crisis has turned into a public relations issue for our institutions. 

To address the student debt crisis, OACCS is launching a statewide initiative – called

$martStart – to educate your students and prospective students about responsible bor­rowing. It is designed as both a public service and an exclusive benefit to OACCS members.

The goals of $martStart are to:

1.       Address a pressing public need through targeted consumer education

2.       Demonstrate industry leadership

            3.      Provide a tangible service and resources to OACCS members.

 As a member school or college of OACCS you can benefit from $martStart in two ways:

             1.   Your school can purchase Imagine America’s Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) at a reduced price for use with your current or future students.  To see the benefits and pricing,  click here. 

             2.   As a community service, you can contact high school guidance counselors in your area and encourage them to sign up for free access to $martStart and Financial Planning Made Simple (FPMS) on the OACCS web site  You may want to show them the promotional video located in the in the Student Information section of the web site.