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Join the grassroots effort to take action against the Gainful Employment regulation. The regulation will deny access and opportunity to hundreds of thousands of students seeking career skills, deny employers a pipeline to skilled employees, and limit career choices by eliminating thousands of programs.

The U. S. Department of Education’s proposed, 800-plus page, regulation has number segments in it that are erroneous unfair and limit access and opportunity  hundreds of thousands of students.  To name a few:

·        The debt to earnings ratio of 8% to 12% for the first three years of employment is unrealistic.  Entry level wages are not usually near the medium wage.

·        The proposed regulation is not applied to all sectors of higher education. All programs, degree and non degree. In career colleges and schools are affected but only certificated programs in non-profit and publicly funded sectors.

·        The Dept. of Education will be using income data reported to the Social  Security Administration from the IRS and it cannot be challenged.

·        There is a question of whether the Dept. of Education has the authority to mandate an outcome based regulation that has not been passed by congress.

You can see more information at this Stop gainful employment fact sheet link.

And even more at this link is to a high-level summary of key elements in the gainful employment NPRM and 37 specific questions posed by the Department for public comment.


Below are information and links as to what action you and others can take to make your concerns known.  It is not that difficult or time-consuming.  But is should be done now.


Public Comment Period Open Until May 27


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Activate Your Institution and Allies Now to Oppose the Regulation

Send a letter and then alert your colleagues, students, graduates and employers to send their own letter through the APSCU Take Action Center (

Take action tools:

Higher Education For All
APSCU recently launched, a gainful employment specific campaign site, to provide members and key stakeholders with the latest information on the proposed regulation. You can use the site for quick reference to the following types of information: