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Dear State Association Executive,


You may have already received this email, but I wanted to pass along just in case. This e-blast includes links to the presentation with an audio file to ensure you are familiar with APSCU’s Advocacy Center, which will be beneficial as you work with your members and direct them to the Take Action site and the letter writing campaign. We also are encouraging the placement of the banners on your website. Details on how you IT department can place on the site is included in the message below.


If you have any questions regarding the presentation, or the other materials mentioned below, let me or Tami know.


Best, Kristine

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January 15, 2014

We need YOU and your team to mobilize students, alumni, institutions, employers and partners to Stop the Gainful Employment Regulation and Protect Student Access and Opportunity Today! 

With the conclusion of the gainful employment negotiating sessions, APSCU has launched a grassroots letter writing campaign to communicate to members of Congress, as well as the U.S. Department of Education. 

It is time for our students, alumni, institutions, employers and partners to step forward and make their voices heard by taking these four steps: 

Step 1: Take action by visiting apscu.org/takeaction where you will find letter templates for use and customization by your stakeholders. Once the letter is completed it is easily submitted online to the author’s members of Congress and to the Department of Education.

Step 2: Add a Take Action Now! Banner to your own Website!  Go to apscu.org/GEBanners to select one.  Members of Congress and the Department need to hear from more than just institution leaders, so you must engage your stakeholders – students, alumni, employers - on this issue and alert them to the need for their assistance.

Step 3: Utilize the APSCU Grassroots Toolkit for more ideas. To assist you in mobilizing your institution’s key stakeholders, the grassroots materials are intended to help raise awareness around the regulation’s impact, as well as what your constituencies can do about the proposed regulation.

Step 4: Train you and your team. APSCU hosted a webinar on January 8th titled “APSCU Gainful Employment Grassroots Advocacy Campaign.”  If you weren’t able to participate please access the audio and presentation today.

Want to do more to ensure your voice is heard? Register to share your story with a member of Congress during 2014 APSCU Hill Day on March 3-5, 2014. Meeting directly with members of Congress to discuss gainful employment will ensure that we are throwing our full weight behind the repeal effort and strengthen our collective position. 


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